Patient Feedback Collection

Surveys have shown that 90% of patients use online reviews to evaluate physicians, and 71% of patients use online reviews as the first step in finding a new doctor.
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The Power Of Online Reviews

Patients have become much more empowered in choosing their doctor than they used to be.  While most patients used to rely solely on referrals and word-of-mouth to find a new physician, nowadays patients have access to a lot more information that can help them choose.

What Patients Look For

If patients who leave you an online review all emphasize a good quality of care, then prospective patients will be more likely to overlook more minor things like a long wait time. Patients will also be taking into account factors such as billing issues, difficulty in scheduling appointments, and friendliness of staff.

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Why Online Reputation Matters

The more empowered that patients become to choose doctors based on their background and quality of care, the more important your online reputation becomes in order to remain competitive. By being aware of any and all online reviews and addressing issues in negative reviews head on, medical providers can ensure a positive online reputation that helps grow their practice.