Telemedicine Software Designed for Providers and Patients

Adviise telemedicine enables providers to meet the growing demands for digital interaction. Offering a variety of features, patient digital privacy is our highest priority.

We Make Telemedicine Easy

Hosting telehealth sessions shouldn’t be difficult. Adviise allows you to easily generate secure meeting rooms on the fly, and it’s fully integrated with our scheduling and reminder tools saving you time and money.

Features You Can Rely On

Secure By Default

All telesessions utilize end-to-end encryption and cryptographically secure meeting IDs. There are no configurations or settings to adjust. Everything is set up to be 100% secure and HIPAA compliant right from the start.

No Downloads Required

Adviise telehealth conferences run right in the browser. There are no apps or plugins to install. This means, your patient simply opens their unique meeting link and can get started right away.

Email & SMS Notifications

All of your patients will get email notifications and SMS notifications leading up to your telesession, meaning you get less no-shows and a more efficient practice.

Mobile Optimized For Patients

Our meetings are easily accessible by mobile device. So your patients can reach you from anywhere.

Built In Scheduling

Telesessions are fully integrated with Adviise’s scheduling and appointment’s platform.

Unlimited Sessions

Adviise enables providers to host unlimited telemedicine sessions for one low monthly fee.

Get Started with Adviise

Starting hosting secure telehealth sessions today.