The Adviise Solution

Adviise offers a unique solution, resting on 3 main pillars:


Accountability through a review system you can trust. The customer reviews you can find on Adviise are from real people, and you can rest assured that they’re accurate and traceable. We use each physician’s National Provider Identifier (NPI) number, rather than just their physical address, so we can ensure the highest levels of accountability and that the reviews are provider-specific.

As we aggregate more and more medical providers on our platform, the database will grow, and will offer:

  • The ability to collect payments
  • Standardized digital registration forms
  • HIPAA-compliant telemedicine appointments
  • Secure automated fulfillment of medical record requests


Efficiency with Real Time Automated Appointments.

“Patients often have a long back and forth with doctors&offices just to get an appointment scheduled.”

—Alexi Alizadeh

We provide a secure and fast way to book appointments just as easily as consumers are used to buying air travel, making restaurant reservations or booking hotel rooms. In addition Adviise provides automated reminders and follow-up appointments.


Transparency in comparing care. The Adviise solution allows patients to compare services, providers, and healthcare costs in one single platform. Our powerful search platform will become an invaluable tool for finding the right physicians, healthcare practitioners or clinical practices.

What Other Resources
Does the Site Offer?

Adviise is accessible as a web-based platform but is also planning to offer Mobile Apps, Telemedicine Services and Price Comparison services. Bookmark the site and keep your eye on it in the coming months.

What Next?

If you are a Medical Provider

We make you searchable to your existing and potential patients. Register and begin creating your profile and reaching more patients today.

If you are a Patient

Visit the site and start searching and booking your next medical appointment online. Leave a review to help us enrich the information we hold on healthcare providers.